Moving forward oftentimes requires being able to look back.

Sadly this is as far back as i can go with images.  I started this adventure when i was still a child, in boyscouts.  Learning boating at summer camp.  This post shows my first boat that i owned as an adult, and i still own it today.

Its not a sailboat...  but its still a dang handy point of reference in my past.

I bought it for just a couple hundred dollars on a whim.  Old timer was clearing out his barn and had a beautiful new bass boat that was worth probably an order of magnitude more than this one.

fired up the old farm truck, brought it home.  Had to buy a battery, clean the tanks,replace lines, fix the impellor, repair electrical, outfit it with perservers, drain plugs, the whole gambit.  bought some poles and tackle.  been out on the lakes and rivers with it since.

Literally, i pull it to work with me, park out in the far bits of the lot so i don't irritate building facilities or my coworkers, and head out to a couple out of the way boat launches.  One in particular has no gate, no rules about when or how long.  And the stretch of river there's no houses or people to complain if you're coming back in at 4 in the morning.  :P

This saf t mate is a great bench mark.  moving foward, the pearson will likely take me away from this fishing boat... but if i just want to throw a lure into the water a few times after work this boat will be much better than the trip to lake michigan to take the pearson out.

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