Flashback Friday
It's time to go back, wayyy back....well not that far back really. This poster is from a show in Boston when both my Boston band (The L.E. Project) and my NY band (El Ka Bong) shared the stage. They were two pretty different bands and being able to perform with both at the same show was something special. 

I grew a lot personally and creatively playing with these musicians. They each had their challenges, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Looking back at these posters brings back great memories and our graphic designer Chris was KILLIN the show posters. If you're new to my page have a look back at old posts for more on my creative journey. There are a few tunes you can download too.

Thanks for your support and encouragement, stay tuned for the next Sonic Sunday release on Sept 10th when "Love Cannon" ft Kathleen Fowkes drops at 13h EST!

Much love, Pablo