Flat Earth FAQ 2017

The true shape of the earth is one of the biggest secrets and the two pushed options are all about divide and conquer. The next suggested video on YT maybe disinfo made by a shill. Just sayin ;) Also beware of the fake alien agenda. Some FE Channels claim that there is more land beyond south and other higher advanced civilisations could exist which would be the aliens that fit into the nwo agenda. I´m talking about "math powerland" who recently pushed the aliens bs agenda. Make up your own opinion - just a quick FAQ for 2017


Is the moon hollow? Is the moon transparent?  


Shills of Gleasons Flat Earth Fraud? DITRH, Santos Bonacci wtf? 


Sun Height and Star Movement on Flat Earth 


New Flat Earth Documentary 


Music: Cae sar/PieronBZ

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