I got your tire flat, 

your momentum is gone. 

I took a wired bat, 

went straight for your chrome. 

I keyed your car, 

I hope you're scarred. 

Took my vehicle, 

ran it through your yard. 

Remembered your pin, 

stole your card. 

Went straight to mall, 

maxed out the charge. 

Took a brick 

to your window's glass. 

All the pictures 

of you from the past, 

now turned to ashes 

sprinkled in the trash. 

Went through your phone, 

messaged all your contacts.

Cussed them out,

told them 

to never message 

or call back. 

Seen the one 

that you was with 

walking down the strip. 

Scuffed their shoes 

and busted their lip. 

Called the police, 

gave an anonymous tip. 

Told them about the 

unlicensed thing 

you carry on your hip. 

On your fb page 

I shared your naked pic. 

I'm going to call the law,

tell them what I saw. 

Indecent exposure, 

your blinds open, 

and you in your drawers.

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