Fleeting + Updates
Happy new year! Thanks for supporting me in 2016. I'll be in your care again this year! 

I have sent the rewards for December's pledges. I hope you like them~



There will be an update starting Jan 10. I'll be working on my manga again and will add another rank in patreon for some manga content. You might have seen the chart thing in my patreon profile already. If not, do check it out. 
Rank 1($1)-2($5) will be the same as always with additional manga pages wips.

Rank 3 ($7) is the new tier for hi-res manga pages. A total of 4-6 pages each month.

Rank  4 -7($10-40) will be the same as usual with  additional manga pages wips.

I'm not removing or transferring anyone's pledges. I'm just adding the $7 Hi-res manga pages rank~ I hope it's clear!
My manga is Alice and Lies  (formerly Alice's Cross) which I started back in March 2011 and neglected around 2015. I'll be picking it up and consistently uploaded pages starting next week~ 


I also fixed my patreon profile a bit to make the design (or at least the colors) consistent to my website , deviantart profile , tumblr theme  and store design

That's it! If you have any questions feel free to comment and ask~
Thank you for  reading and I hope you guys had a great holiday !