Tried something different, taking a swing at the old dragon/drake. This is the first pass of a rough, and then a few developed faces of single frames. 

Roughing is the easy part, where the basic motion and framework is plotted out, and the timing is decided on. I'm still most comfortable animating straight ahead, so there is no pose to pose animation happening hear. 

Its always best to do straight ahead animation when your working on something that you are unfamiliar with. As you advance frame by frame without any clear plan, you are forced to assess how the subject matter could move, would move, and should move. It's a balancing act between every different point of movement, and the interconnectedness of the subject becomes far more advanced. The amount of knowledge you gain from doing straight ahead animation far outweighs the time you save through animating pose to pose. 

Once i go back in, any additional movement builds off of the framework of the rough. This part is heavily time consuming, but ultimately less important than the roughing phase. More updates to come, and on the next creature ill try to record the animation process of the rough.

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