FLOATING GOLDEN TEMPLE?!! | Day 3 - Kyoto, Kinkaku-ji, Fushimi Inari, Gion | Abipop in Japan 2015 ♡
BRAND NEW JAPAN 2.0 VLOG~♪ Yes~!! :3 I really hope you enjoy it! It's Day 2 and In this video we wake up at silly'o'clock in the morning to get on a 3 hour Shinkasen (Bullet train) to the city Kyoto~! Kyoto is such a beautiful city! so calm and peacful with temples, Shrines, Shopping and more~!♪ We head to Fushimi inari shrine and have some lunch with our friend Yuki! (You might know her from a 2012 video of mine!) then we head to Kinkaku-ji which is the Golden pavilion! It's so stunning! and top off the day with a trip to Gion!!