This is the piece of digital art that I created to accompany my Icon Alchemy astrology blog post for April 16th, 2017.  Given the jumble of astrological influences outlined in that post, matching any art to it would have been a weird process - thankfully, I had created this a couple of days ago in a sudden burst of inspiration, and had already determined that this piece would go with this day.  

As with all art and writing habits, it takes a bit of juggling to do both the writing and photomanipulation for these posts each day.  It's a worthwhile challenge, but still easy to burn out on, and some days are less inspired than others, so when this piece came into being I wasn't going to argue with it.  Just some ordinary beds of moss in a neon-ish colourway.  For whatever reason, I find it soothing, and that feeling seemed to be needed to accompany the bombardment of celestial influences for the day.