Tier Benefits
$4 or more per month
All rewards from the previous level plus:
  • Three or more patron-exclusive Throwback episodes and/or movie commentaries per month.
  • First access to spinoff podcasts in beta (Mad About Sports, Mad About TV, Mad About Mad About You, PieChat, etc)
  • Patron-exclusive polls & suggestions to help us pick Throwbacks & settle debates.
  • Discount & priority on any future live shows.
  • Patron-exclusive Christmas & show anniversary presents from us!
  • Entry into a Patron-exclusive monthly raffle or double entry into any giveaway open to Twitter/Facebook/Instagram
  • Access to a monthly/bi-monthly Ask Me Anything with one or more of the hosts or a Periscope/Google Hangout (as time permits)
  • Personalized thank you note & exclusive MAM sticker.
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