Flouring Mill by Stock
Another day dawns on Cedarville, it has been a great stay. But alas we are moving on. It will be fun to see some new territory. We are heading north to eastern Oregon to touch down with Katherine, an old friend of ours. We ordered art supplies and sent them on to here place. Yesterday we went  up to Lake City and visited some new friends that just happen to own the property that has the old Flouring Mill on it. They invited us to paint it and said it has been done many times. I thought I would do something a little different. After taking a tour of the inside, thought I'd take advantage of this unique access and paint an interior.

Rachel also painted, she picked the outside of the flouring mill...everything was going okay. Her painting was near completion when a wind came up and blew the panel off the easel onto her palette and into the dirt face down. Disgusted she scraped off the mess and called it a day.