The Flourishing Point: Moving On, Reaching Out
This week's blog post is about the move we've just made to relocate the Community of the Cosmic Person HQ to a better place for CoFlourishing and the move I've just made to reach out via Patreon for support and encouragement as the Convener of the Community of the Cosmic Person. 

Lots of change these past 10 days and on the CoFlourishing PERMA scale it's ticked lots of boxes:

Positive Emotions (the garden smells so good and it brings a real smile!)

Engagement (moving is a fully engaging experience (ask my muscles)) 

Positive Relationships (CCP HQ has expanded by one gem of a housemate!)

Meaning (it matters to me to become more accountable to the community through Patreon)

Accomplishment (moved out and moved in!)(created the Patreon page!)