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Flow III
30 x 21 inches, acrylic on canvas

I continue to explore abstraction and realism by introducing it into landscape work. Here is a dose of philosophy behind my abstract-realistic work. Are you ready for it?

The use of abstract realism explores the relationship between the actual reality and the perceived reality. The human minds instinctively create narratives out of sensory perceptions. This process is fundamental to the human mind to a point that most of us cannot discern the differences between our interpretations of reality and the reality itself. The contrast between photorealism and abstraction in this body of work calls out relatedness and the differences between the two realities and encourages the viewers to explore their relationships.

Alright, Now that you all know I am actually a pretty philosophical person, I guess there's no turning back. I generally refrain from "talking philosophy" because I know how arcane and abstract that can get, and I like to express myself with something more direct. That's why I am an artist by profession. 

- Rebex