Flowers for you
even in the 

depths of winter

— flowers

These snow-flowers, they're for you — new subscribers, patrons, supporters and lurking readers (come on in, the water's fine, we promise not to bite). 

This place was built for you.

A labour of love.

So the flowers of the work can grow.

You make the work sustainable. 

The words flow here effortlessly (unless you ask me to speak in human language), but in order for them to take form in books, prints and other formats, time and money are necessary. 

Seedling works sprout from me, but good ground, water and sunshine are needed for flowers to grow, and you provide the conditions for their creation.

Thank you for coming, and thank you to Emma, who created this place, who pressed for it, who wouldn't take no for an answer. She made it possible. 

That's the greatest offering of all.

Thank you.