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"Flowmingo" pen, ink, and watercolor 5" x 6"
I create things to bring happiness to myself and others.

I love the feel of tangible, old tools in my hand, this is why you don't see much digital art here, YET ;) Older tools are subject to different standards than digital, and I AM NOT READY to give my art to the robot army.

Sometimes (like today)the pen falls out of my hair and gets stuck right in the ground.  I must test it to see if it works the same way, right when it happens or else I'll forget and go to do a crucial lady lip line and blow the whole surprise party by announcing my arrival with a big black ink blob/smear! ha!

A pen falling out of my hair and sticking like a sword in the stone actively trying to challenge my happiness today... perfect analogy of my feeling today, and as a result, has ruined the tip of that nib.  But I have the choice to continue with the piece, i.e. save and honor this piece as the nibs last creation. Just like I have the choice to let it ruin my day or not! (it was after all my favorite nib!) but there are a few more in my kit, so I will keep on going forward with the flow hence the name of the piece, "Flowmingo" happy little bird just down' their thing :)

this original piece is now entered Into the raffle collection!! We had a raffle on may 20! Did you win??? make sure you get a hold of me so you can choose your piece!

coming up next are two delightful original figure studies from my studio session with Michael Hussar in Seattle at Supergenius Tattoo!

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