Flu; Rights of Man prep; Dream to Stream
Few things I want to talk about. 1. I dunno where it came from, but a cold/flu/whatever has grabbed me and has me pretty debilitated today. So I might have to skip recording for a few days until I recover enough to be able to talk to myself for hours on end without my throat wanting to escape my body. 2. It's now only a month until EU4 Rights of Man launches, so I want to hear if you have any ideas for a campaign I could do for the gap between now and then. Whether it's a bizarre custom nation, or an old achievement re-earned (even those I haven't done on camera), lemme know what you want to see and I'll see what I can do. 3. I want to start regular streaming again now there's no puppies to get in the way - so I want to know what's the ideal day of the week and/or time to stream at to catch most people live! Obviously it'd have to fit in local time (so not before midday, and not after like 11pm), and avoid my preexisting multiplayer arrangements, but otherwise anything goes. Give me some times! Anyway, chat again soon, hopefully once I'm better. Still a couple more Ragasu episodes to come, the rest of UHC Season 18, and loads more TTT on the way!