"Fly on the Wall" live stream today
Hi Inner Circle (and higher) patrons! 

One thing I love doing for you is providing an insider view of what it's really like working behind the scenes to bring music and art to life. Some of you have already tuned into my past live-streamed violin practice sessions, but today I'm going to try something a little more fancy: live-streaming my computer screen while I work on creating and editing music! 

I plan to work on a new violin + spoken word piece and perhaps work on editing my Guess the Tune compilation video for 2016. I may also work on text or musical ideas for a new spoken word + string orchestra piece. If there are any questions (you can ask directly on the live stream), I'll try to get to those too! Depending on my technical luck, and how much my computer's CPU can handle, you may see some practicing footage, Sibelius (notation software), Logic Pro (recording software), iMovie, Pages (for writing text), and probably some other scattered things (oh goodness, I'd better clean up my browsers and desktop...) 😜


  • Starts at 3pm Pacific Time. Goes until I lose focus or my computer crashes...
  • Here is the link (it's restricted to my $5+ patrons, so you'll have to sign into Patreon before watching!)
  • There will be a replay/recording, so no worries if you can't attend "live"!

Again, please bear with my inevitable technical hiccups. I'm new at the streaming software I'm using, but the learning curve of this tech upgrade will be worth it!