Flybe Full Flight | Birmingham to Glasgow | Embraer E175 (with ATC)
A full length full flight video in real time with Flybe, from Birmingham to Glasgow, onboard Embraer E175 G-FBJF operating flight BE782 on August 29 2016.

**Every moment of the flight included, from outside the terminal at Birmingham to outside the terminal at Glasgow.  ATC included for the entire flight**

Our journey begins outside the terminal at Birmingham early in the morning on a bank holiday morning.  We enter the terminal and proceed to security, passing through security to the departure lounge.  After a short walk to the old 'Eurohub' terminal, we wait in the peace and quiet for our flight, which is eventually called for boarding.

We board a bus to the remote stand but have to wait for one passenger who is late to the gate.  Eventually we make the drive out to our aircraft, Embraer E175 G-FBJF.  We board the aircraft through the steps and take our seat in 2A.  We are soon given our route clearance and pushback clearance from ATC, and push back before taxying to runway 33 at Birmingham.  After waiting for several aircraft to land, we eventually line up and take off from runway 33, getting a great view over Birmingham on this beautiful morning.

We head towards Manchester climbing to 29,000 feet, and get a clear view of Manchester before we reach the Lake District.  The views remain clear as we descend towards Glasgow, commencing an ILS approach to runway 23 at Glasgow.  We touch down on schedule and taxi into the stand, before disembarking through the forward stairs and making our way through the terminal and out to the street.

Key moments in flight:

0:00:03  Outside the terminal at Birmingham, walking into terminal and to security

0:01:41  Buying fast track security pass, entering security through fast lane

0:03:44  Walking to departure lounge

0:06:03  Overview of main departure lounge

0:06:15  Walking through to gates 1-20 (old Eurohub terminal)

0:10:02  Boarding announced, walking to gate 3 and boarding bus

0:12:40  Final passenger boards bus and we start driving to aircraft

0:15:04  Boarding aircraft through forward steps

0:26:42  ATC: Pushback clearance, push and start

0:27:05  Safety briefing

0:29:59  ATC: Taxi clearance, commencing taxi

0:43:00  ATC: Takeoff clearance, line up and depart runway 33

0:47:48  Cabin overview

0:51:10  Cabin overview

0:55:59  Manchester, UK

1:02:48  Morecombe Bay, UK

1:04:52  Cabin overview

1:06:50  Lake District, UK

1:18:06  ATC: Handover to Glasgow Approach, vectors for ILS approach to runway 24

1:26:05  ATC: Cleared for ILS for runway 23

1:26:59  Established on ILS, ATC handover to Glasgow Tower

1:28:55  ATC: Cleared to land runway 23

1:30:45  Runway vacated, contacting Glasgow Ground and cleared to taxi to stand

1:35:07  Disembarking through forward doors to jetway, exiting into terminal

1:38:35  Exiting terminal to street

Airline:  Flybe

Flight:  BE782

Aircraft: Embraer E175 G-FBJF

From:  Birmingham (BHX)

To:  Glasgow (GLA)

Departure:  07:29

Arrival:  08:13

Flight Time:  00:44

Seat:  2A

Flight Path: