Flyboy Bonus Comic, Page 12
A flying man!

Woot! We just blasted past another Milestone Goal over here on Patreon, and so the Full Monty Spooky Jones Painting by WOODun has just been unlocked!

Here’s the sneak peek for that:

Hitting the $8400/month Milestone Goal means that Patrons (including new

Patrons) who successfully complete their pledge for August get sent the

link to a digital wallpaper version of the full image. (And $10+ backers will also get sent a link to a high-res version with double the resolution!) This will be in addition to me also sending out links to the super-sexy Deacon-Kyle images as well! This will be your last chance to get access to that Deacon-Kyle painting, the most revealing image I’ve ever commissioned and that Patrons said was “one of the most beautiful pieces of art to come out of your work to date!”

Hitting this Goal also means we’re currently less than $90 away from unlocking the NEXT Milestone Goal — a new sexy, world-spanning pairing of my characters that Patrons will get to vote on! :)

So! Mitch has gotten Kanya safely out of there. He’s now on his way back to

try to rescue Cory. And it looks like Ivan is getting twitchy. What’s

Ivan’s next move? Will Flyboy be able to get Cory out to safety as well?

And is “whiplash and stuff” worse than whiplash

without stuff?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! :)

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