Flyboy Bonus Comic, Page 15
“The Stockton Sentinels”?! But Mitch is with The Young Protectors, right?! Oh, no — I think our young hero must have become delirious from all the blood loss! Stay strong, Mitch! O_O

Earlier this week, here on Patreon, $5+ backers got to see a sneak preview of Adam’s pencils for The Annihilator’s Romance Card art. Here’s a sneak preview of that sneak preview:

I wonder what he’s smiling about, hm?

So! Looks like Flyboy is trying a bluff. Will it work? Will Ivan just drop his weapon and come out peacefully? And if he doesn’t, what is Flyboy going to do?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you then! :)

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