Flyboy Bonus Comic, Page 19
That last panel is one of my favorite images of Flyboy in the comic so far… :)

This weekend I have a booth at YaoiCon 2015 in San Francisco (at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport)! I’ll have advance copies of The Young Protectors books for sale along with special and new sexy prints and cards (and, of course, I’ll have Artifice books as well!). I’d love to see some friendly faces while I’m there. (And maybe even some TYP cosplay!) Please look for me in the corner of the Dealer’s Hall at Booth #1!

Also, on the Patreon page, $5+ Patrons got to see the pin-up art for Flyboy’s Romance Card. Comments have included “Mitch is such a cutie”, “You guys are so cruel, making an underaged teenager so… huggable. >_>”,  and “damn…”. Here is a sneak preview of that art:

So! Flyboy is stepping into the lion’s den! Or into the line of fire… Is he right? Will Ivan lose his power if he starts shooting? Will Flyboy be able to keep his promise of protecting Diego? And what’s Cory going to do now that his old friend Mitch has revealed himself?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! :)

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