Flyboy Bonus Comic, Page 35
I love what Adam and Vero did with Panel 4. :)

Earlier this week, I sent out the Full Monty version of Kyle’s Fireman Romance Pin-Up to Patrons pledging $5+ — and folks really liked it! Comments have included “nomnomnom”, “I love it! … Why is he blushing? He has nothing to be ashamed of!”, and “did I say wow? This is a beautiful image… Thank you Alex and to the artists for always making these images (sfw or nsfw) so classy and appealing and always in character — in a way that supports this world and these characters we’ve grown to love.” (It really is our pleasure! :D)

And a couple days ago, I shared the SFW Version of The Annihilator’s Romance Pin-Up with $5+ Patrons!

Comments for that have included: “Ahhh The Duncanator with his first and true love!”, “I love this picture…. he looks so damn sexy! Adam and Alex providing another stellar piece of art. Thanks as always Alex and team!! :)”,  and “These images are so darn fun AND sexy. My favorite combo-platter. Great stuff!”

Here’s a sneak peek of that:

What is this man smiling about?

Folks who join right now will be able to download the full wallpaper for this. Also,$10+ Patrons will get to download a high-res version of this pin-up (with over double the resolution!) when this month’s payments clear at the beginning of next month. And they’ll also get to download a high-res of the NSFW version of this pin-up where the boxers come off!

So! Looks like Cory is back on Planet Earth — or at least back in Flyboy’s arms. Is he done ripping apart the city? How will he react when he sees Diego? And will they arrive back in time to save Cory’s brother?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! :D

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