Flying right along... (Thank you!)
Ok! So, not only was I able to do the one additional comic this month reaching the first goal promised, but I was able to post a FOURTH comic for the month of March as well!  Your support has helped make it possible for me to feel comfortable to devoting time to doing this.  With your support I will continue to do so.  Hope you enjoy the comics... comics DO work better when you have a more regular release of them, even for me :)

One of the things I will try to add to the Patron perks here in the next few weeks is I'm going to try to record a better sequence of Work in Progress scans to produce a better look at how some drawings come together.  I am also going to work on provide high res and dialogue free uploads of the rest of the comics in this chapter.  Once I get those up to date, we can look at possibly doing select comics from previous chapters as well.  This might be a good opportunity for a poll in the near future.

Thank you again for your support!