FNAF Art Moving to Patreon!
Patrons will have some extra content in store for them in the future! I'll be moving all comic, and OOC related artwork of Five Nights at Freddy's to my Patreon! Bonuses to pledges will be slightly modified to where Patrons that are watching me stream FNAF-related art, can suggest scenarios and pinup ideas related to FNAF characters. 'u' This bonus will be exclusive to Patrons only! So basically, not only will you get content for Twibra, you'll also be getting content for Five Nights at Freddy's! All said content will eventually be released to the general public. So to those that can't donate monthly, don't worry! :) As for Adult-related FNAF art that I do. Welp, that's best for the private blog at this point, due to unfortunate circumstances. I will still do FNAF-related commissions/trades/gifts to those that want one, but for my personal FNAF adult art, it's going to stay off public galleries. Sorry for the inconvenience!