"Focus", directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Pequa
  Never thought that I'll get in such joy by watching this movie. A criminal romantic drama which I can describe with one word - elegant. No bloody gunfire throughout, no stupid 'boss on boss' clashing. Only great emotional impact from the actors headed by ground-stomping, plot twisted script... You'll never gonna guess what is next :) 

  Wonderful operators' work - lights, angles, colors. I almost felt like I'm watching beloved drama blockbusters of late 1990' / early 2000' . Bravo Mr. Grobet :)
  Visuals and Sound are twins, with such strong personality and individualism coming from each of them. But still, they can not live fulfilled without each other. And in here sound responsible crew performed just splendid! Score, inside songs - everything is in its place, right when it's in need. Siblings perform in perfect harmony.

   Once again to mention the actor's work - Will Smith and Margot Robbie. Pardon me, but they are freaking handsome :) Masters of their job. Smiles, tears, every expression is playful! I was stunned by how they manage to transform their personalities. From this cocky, self-confident tricksters straight to romantic, heart aching inner selves. 
  To be honest, every actor in this movie is able to manipulate and play with your mind and thoughts. It's the main trick of this movie - try not to loose your focus...