Hey everyone! I had mentioned in the past that I was considering doing a mesh only, fog free lens, and here it is! The regular lens is on the right, the mesh only lens is on the left. It practically glows white in the photos, the further away you get the more of a solid white color it takes on. Also there is no clear plastic, so no way for it to fog at all. I will try my best to eliminate fog in the regular lens, but it is hard to avoid. These lenses would be great for long days in the suit or anything requiring extra vision like stunts. The lens is pretty strong, it probably wouldn't survive someone stepping on it, but I doubt you would ruin it if you dropped it or bumped it. That said it is more fragile than a standard lens, and also might lose its shape if left in high heat for too long. I should be getting the shell cast later today, and a wearable version soon after! I'll also solidify the pricing and get that going soon! Once again thanks for your patience guys!