Folding Chairs, their history, styles and uses


Ever thought of trying out the folding chair furniture business? It is one of the most ignored yet successful ventures you can lay your hands on that generates recurring income due to demand. With the folding chair furniture business, you could set up both an offline and online profile with the ability to reach out to millions of customers. So what are folding chairs, and what do they offer?

Popular in the hospitality industry, folding chairs are a common household furniture fixture in our everyday lives. These chairs have been around for a very long time and are versatile, durable and are a great option when one is looking to add more seating to an area expecting excess guests. An excellent investment for many large institutions that organize or hosts large functions, these chairs are easily moved and stored. Folding chairs are used by hotels, churches, schools and even offices and businesses to provide uniform seating for groups of individuals.

History of Folding Chairs

While thought to be a modern fixture in the furniture world, a furniture fact not known by many is the fact that folding chairs have been around since the 16th century. Their origins are traced to ancient civilizations in Greece, Egypt and Rome. It was recorded that King Tutenkha men’s throne was made with the ability to be folded upside down. The Roma Senate-house in the 17th century was known to make use of these chairs.

As time went by, the use of folding chairs increased with it becoming rampant during the Middle Ages. They were used by Christians who were always on the move as a result of persecution. Their simplicity during such movements made folding chairs popular then and even until now; these chairs are still being used in churches.

Styles of Folding Chairs

These days, there are different styles of folding chairs, ranging from folding chairs made of wood to those made from molded plastic and aluminum. These chairs are typically light compared to other chairs and weigh less than ten pounds.

Folding Chairs at Home

While folding chairs are often bought in large quantities and used by institutions such as hotels, schools, churches, offices, etc. to host large events or occasions, these chairs find use in domestic settings. The chairs find application in your open backyard during small gatherings such as picnics, barbecues, dinner parties, card games, etc. they provide a relatively easy and quick solution to any situation where your home seating is less than the number of expected guests. 

With folding chairs, you could save yourself a great deal of elbow grease during large events by adopting your seating method using these folding chairs. Because these chairs are relatively light, just about anybody can arrange and disarrange a room furnished with folding chairs irrespective of their physical strength.

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