Folk blues, real or otherwise
Amusingly enough, this has been suggested as a topic multiple times by various readers unaware that it was one of the first Hard Projects I thought of when I put together the first edition of the feature. It just took a little while, because ironically, Hard Project is itself a hard project. The fact of the matter is that it's not an interesting post for anyone if I'm just listing facts that are neither unique to the IP in question nor particular roadblocks. Each piece needs to stand on its own, and that means each one needs distinct reasons, separate from the other pieces that have already been featured. There are several conceptual projects that wind up just falling under the same aegis as another project with a few proper nouns swapped. This one, however, has its own reasons for being a hard project. Not to mention that I had to watch a bunch of Cowboy Bebop to properly address them, which was fun all by itself. Enjoy!
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