Folklore Issue 2, Available Today!
We're excited to announce that Folklore's second Issue is not only complete, but will be released in full later this afternoon!  

We both wanted to take this moment to publicly thank all of our Patrons for their incredible support.  Your enthusiasm for our work has been really inspiring, and we're working hard to make sure the quality of every Issue lives up to your expectation.  

Current Patrons can expect to receive the usual e-mail blast showcasing Issue 2 for download, but if you're not a Patron and would like to check out our latest Issue in full then now's a perfect time to become one.  Patrons currently receive access to both Issues 1 and 2 at no extra cost, and depending on what tier you're in there may be some other cool stuff in store for you later today as well...

Keep an eye on that inbox as we finish the ritual that will pull our comic from the nether into this reality!  We're 90% sure this will have no lasting temporal effects.

Tier Benefits
A Show of Support
$1 or more per month 1 patron
  • Thank you so much for lending your support! Your donation helps us sleep a little easier at night. We promise to not spend this on peanut butter cups.
$2 or more per month 0 patrons
  • A Digital copy of Folklore’s most recent issue to enjoy at your own leisure as they release!
Federation Soldier
$4 or more per month 0 patrons

A Digital copy of Folklore from the $3 tier, plus...

  • Regular content updates, and behind-the-scenes sketches.
  • Access to our occasional short stories, lore posts, including world descriptions and character profiles.
  • Backgrounds, art dumps, and anything else Colin feels like slapping on the internet for your viewing pleasure.
Registered Hero
$9 or more per month 4 patrons

All Perks from the $3 and $5 tiers, plus...

  • A single character based on you (or your preferred avatar) will make an appearance in Folklore, probably to die but who knows, right?
  • A single, simple personalized sketch of your character (or preferred avatar) in digital format.  We also can’t promise you won’t die in this.
  • A full ‘collection’ PDF of Folklore’s chapters as they complete, including any alternate or updated covers.
Peanut Butter Cup Champion
$19 or more per month 3 patrons

All Perks from the $3, $5 and $10 tiers, plus...

  • Printed Issues of Folklore are expensive for us, but when we do print on occasion we will gladly set one aside for you.  This goes for any hard copies, collections, or single Issues (including ones partly or fully funded by third-party campaigns) that meet our standard of quality.  (International shipping may be extra)
  • Once we reach the point where your character has become a part of Folklore we’re willing to go one step further and let you vote on their survival and interaction within the world.  You’ll receive semi-spoiler free information on the context of their plight, and a chance to shape their future in the abomination-filled world of Folklore.  Assuming they live.
  • We will definitely still spend money from this tier on peanut butter cups.
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