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Follow the evidence.
 A friend of mine says that success leaves a trail of evidence. Follow that trail and you will have a similar outcome. You can have the same success another person has if you do what they do and are persistent. I have found this to be true. Every time I apply this it works. I apply this to my art, to my business (selling art) and with my family. I have people I have chosen to follow what they do, I repeat these things and the results are real. With this thought process I have gotten sober, I have gotten off drugs and I have built the beginnings of the life I always dreamed of. I just had to follow the path of others. As a pretty strong willed and stubborn individual this was not an easy task at first until I saw some proof for myself. Even then it took me breaking down some previously held ideas in order to let go and believe things were this simple. Try it and see. Try it again. Keep trying it and you may find it true as well and if you do...please share the story of your experience with me.