Follow Friday: Gwenn Seemel

I needed to drop this link here LIKE IT'S HOT (because it is) because until she hits the billions, there are people on earth who can benefit from Gwenn's never-ending wisdom. Artists, take note. Each time I do, I learn something new from her.

I don't even remember how we connected. Years and years ago. The vagaries of Twitter, I think. Like-minded people digitally flocking nearer to each other. I remember her once saying it made her legitimately depressed she might not live to see microbial life discovered on Europa and I knew right then and there we understood each other.

For some reason she's the only person I follow on Vimeo (haha), so I can personally attest that she's been a video blogging machine for as long as the internet can remember. Like, slap-you-in-the-face impressive work. Vlogs filled to the brim with useful, nuanced information directed toward artists and art collectors. She's really great at what she does. My eyes are significantly improved this week, so I've been able to watch screens and videos more. Took a peek into Gwenn's world today and yet again (as always) was blown away by her output. 

Oh and she also records every single one in French as well as English. Just to be a badass. 

I love her. Go love her as well. ❤︎