Font Variations Comes to Inkscape
Variable fonts are a new (but old) font technology where a single font file can contain an entire family of fonts. And this family isn't limited to a set of predetermined weights and styles. Instead, one can now choose exactly how bold you want a font to be or how slanted or how... A variable font can have one or more design axes that control an interpolation of just about anything a font designer chooses.  In fact with the Decovar variable font (scroll down a bit in the link) the complete character of the font can be changed. 

Adobe pioneered this technology with their Multiple Master fonts which never seemed to catch on. OpenType 1.8 reinvents the concept and CSS Fonts Level 4 adds the 'font-variation-settings' property to set to set the design axes.

I've just checked into Inkscape trunk rendering support for the CSS 'font-variation-settings' property. This requires a yet to be released version of Pango (1.41.1) and a very recent version of FreeType. The above image was created using Inkscape to render a handwritten SVG file. A GUI is yet to come and is one of the anticipated projects for our upcoming Boston and Seville hackfests (both of which I'll be attending).

Chrome and Safari already support variable fonts, Firefox nightly does too (under a flag), and support should be in the next version of Edge. Here is a the SVG file rendered above.

SVG, Variable Fonts, Inkscape, CSS Fonts

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