Footballers Update 8.27.16
Hey all, wanted to share a quick update this fine morning as we prepare for more preseason week 3 games and the start of the 2016 NFL season.
  • What a milestone. Last week we recorded our 250th show.  That's a lot of shows!  It's been a wild ride and we take a lot of pride in being able to produce a lot of high-quality content for fantasy players all year round.  That being said, 250 shows doesn't happen without your support, so thank you for making it happen!
  • What your support means.  With the added support coming through this season, we've been able to recruit additional help on the production side of the show.  It takes a ton of work to produce 5 shows a week just on the content side, and when you factor in the post-show-processes it can get pretty intense.  With the growth of the show and your support on Patreon, we've been able to add a production coordinator that has been able to assist with various tasks and things that need to be done on a daily and weekly basis.  This helps us focus on the show, the content, the community, social media interaction, etc.  Thank you for supporting the show and making the process more efficient and overall a better show!
  • Drafts are being dominated.  The Ultimate Draft Kit has been a huge success!  We love seeing tweets of people's teams, their awesome rosters, their numerous printouts of the UDK content and how much they have enjoyed the product.  If you don't have it yet and you're yet to draft, grab it quick!
  • Brand new feature!  You can now listen to the exclusive weekly podcast (that's only available to Patrons) in your favorite Podcast app!  Go to the "overview" tab, and on the right side is a special Audio RSS feed you can add directly to your podcast app.  After you add that feed you will always get the weekly show delivered straight to your player, like magic!  We're super excited about this!
  • Improvements on the way.  We're working hard to integrate Patreon and the website much better.  Instead of having to use a silly password we give you after becoming a member, we want you to be able to simply and easily log in with your Patreon account on the site, in the forum, etc.  We hope to have something in place in the next couple week.  
  • Weekly goodness.  The newsletter has been a big hit so far!  Each week we are trying to send out a truly valuable email with all the latest from the show, key stats from the last week of fantasy football, tips, tricks, etc.  If you're not involved, you can sign up here
  • Exclusive interview.  Had the opportunity to meet and spend time with ♪♪ David Johnson ♪♪ this past week, chat about his playful battle with Todd Gurley on the show, and grab an interview.  Was a great opportunity to share the #FootClan's love with him, and he enjoyed every bit of it!  
  • Daily fantasy help.  We're in the middle of building a DFS section on our website, which will feature exclusive articles on FanDuel strategy, DFS tips, and will also feature and highlight our weekly segments with Chris Meaney with his favorites each week on FanDuel.  While we don't dedicate a ton of time on the podcast to DFS, we do want to provide a resource for FanDuel players as we know how fun DFS is.  Not on FanDuel?  Sign up and get 5 free entries at
  • Amazing content daily.  I want to give a shout out to our incredible group of writers, who are producing amazing articles on the site daily.  The camaraderie among this group has been awesome, and we look forward to more amazing content all season long.
  • Make a bet and get wet.  We finally did it!  The Wheel of Water app has been released for Android and also updated for iTunes.  The app is completely free, no ads, and just a great way to make side bets and pay them out all season long.  Super fun.  Get it at
  • Enter and win.  Last few days to get in on the David Johnson jersey giveaway!
  • Making things easier.  We've received quite a few requests to put all of the discount and coupon codes we mention on the show on a single web page so people can reference them.  We're working on getting this up and it should be on the site under the "more" section later this week!
  • Feedback is always encouraged.  Have a suggestion, thought, or some feedback you'd like to share on the show?  We're always listening, this is YOUR show after all.    

Phew!  Lastly a hearty thank you to every supporter, you make this show possible and we never take that for granted, working as hard as we can to deliver premium content year round.  Thank you and let's go win a #FootClanTitle together!