FootClan Update for September 21, 2016
Hey everyone!!!

Want to take a moment to update you on everything that's been going on around these parts and how your support has helped build this show and the #FootClan community to become something special.  

  • The community has grown to over 2,100 patrons!  The awesome, robust fantasy football discussions spanning everything from start/sit to commish questions has been awesome.  Thank you for supporting our independent cast and helping us develop great content.  
  • Your support has enabled us to bring on Brooks (@brookscarmean) as a production coordinator that has helped tremendously with our daily tasks, show prep, uploading, editing, etc.  As the community and show have grown, simply keeping up with the everyday tasks while trying to produce a well-researched, accurate, entertaining 5-day-a-week show has become hard for the 3 of us to keep up with.  Brooks has been helping us part time and your support has helped us bring him on to a full time roll that will enable us to focus (more) on content, the community, and on developing new features. Brooks will also be involved in the community on a regular basis.
  • We want to remind you of our new perks for Patrons!  Last week we added premium projections for #FootClan members and this week we're adding to that by including premium FLEX rankings, something many of you have asked about.  Look for those to release late Wednesday and each and every Wednesday moving forward!
  • There is an awesome new giveaway coming in October!  We're talking a Lev Bell helmet, Championship gear, and much much more.  Definitely check it out.  
  • Don't forget about our ever-growing articles section of the website.  There are so many great articles coming out every week from an amazing team of volunteer writers that are kicking butt and producing awesome content for our listeners.
  • We've recently made the decision to take down our shop for a couple weeks as we find a better shirt provider.  The one we were using was shipping out shirts way too late and we were tired of disappointing listeners who wanted gear.  We'll get it back up as soon as possible with the best quality shirts and hilarious designs.

That's it for now!  Just got done recording our 269th episode and getting ready to finish our Week 3 rankings and get all of that content up on the site.  Thanks again for the continued support, your monthly commitments are crucial to the show and we don't take your support for granted.  Always feel free to reach out and let us know how we can improve and what you'd like to see. 

- Andy, Mike, Jason