For 2019, I predict: COMICS

In 2018, I worked on some dang comics, I tell you what:

- there's the collected edition of Valley of the Silk Sky: The Long Run - Part 2

- 16 new Taxonomically Unbound comics

- a new comic for The Nib 

- a comic for Oni Press encouraging people to vote

- a bunch of pages for anthologies that aren't out yet

- I also tabled or presented (or both) at 15 conventions and other events

W H E W.

What, then, might ye ask, do I have in store for 2019? What, indeed:

1. More Valley of the Silk Sky: 

Specifically, I'm going back and coloring some anthology work that had previously only been available in black & white. This includes my story for the Beyond Anthology (B&W version excerpted in this post) as well as a couple of single-page pieces. I'll be serializing the newly colored pages here and on the Valley of the Silk Sky website, and then collecting them into a standalone minicomic. The serialization will follow the usual format: $1+ Patrons get early access to pages on Mondays, and the rest of the world gets to see 'em on Thursdays.

I'll also be working on The Long Run - Part 3, of course. The next chapter is probably the most difficult to structure in the whole book for Reasons, so part of the impetus for the recoloring project is to give me something to publish while I'm wrestling with getting that chapter just right. And then, like, actually drawing it and stuff.

At this very moment I'm working on a bit of a self-indulgent illustration of Chadsen having an adventure, because it's been way too long since I was able to just sit and work on a single, complex piece for awhile and add lots of fun little details. That's going to be my Annual Comic for Years 3-4, since I didn't get around to doing one for 2018. So look for that to burst onto your screens in January.

2. A new issue of QAT Person:

QAT Persons #1 and #2 collected my autobio comics that had been published hither and thither, and #3 will continue the tradition, with material from various anthologies and The Nib and whatnot.

3. More Taxonomically Unbound:

As I may have mentioned previously, my version of Photoshop is old and creaky and crashing unexpectedly with some frequency. So I've snagged a copy of Clip Studio Paint, and need to sit down and learn how to use the damn thing. TaxoUnbo is a good vehicle for doing that, which means more Most Worst Puns 4 U.

There will be other comics cropping up, I'm sure, and I shall let you know all about them as they coalesce, but these are the main personal projects I expect to be working on in 2019.

So! Thanks for reading and supporting my work, and see you next year!