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For All We Know feat. Halie Loren
For those  of you who were able to attend last Saturday's house concert, you know  what I mean when I say it was a rather magical evening.... What a band:  Halie a world-class vocalist, Todd on bass touring with Ani DiFranco,  Michael both an amazing singer and guitarist, and Jason Palmer perhaps  the finest drummer on the West Coast. Thanks to the Bodins for opening  up their beautiful home. We are so lucky to have captured the music on video, and we have one of our favorite songs from the evening ready now  to present to you! Please take a moment to watch and listen to this  music, especially considering how turbulent things in our nation have  recently been. I hope this song helps put your mind at ease. And as always, please share!

Eternal thanks for your generous support. We could not have recorded this concert (audio or video) without you. Seriously. It means so much to us. Thank you thank you thank you!! Look out for more :)

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