For Four
I listened to an interview tonight with Katie Rubin ( She's a comedienne and actress who has been doing a lot of heartfelt and funny videos on facebook and YouTube lately.

The interviewer asked her "Why do you write? What inspires you to write?" She said that she had a writing teacher  to whom she had asked that very same question. 

Here is her teachers' answer.

"I have a little yellow sticky note on my computer that says 'For 4' to remind me that there are 4 people out there in the world that need to hear the exact story that I need to tell."

Katie went on to explain: "There has to be at LEAST 4 people in the world who are relieved to hear what you are saying and relate to your experience. Don't abandon those people. YOU put into words something that they know on some level but can't access. Whatever you have to say is a contribution. Your yearning to say it means that someone out there NEEDS to hear it."

YOUR story is important. Everyone that we have interviewed so far has sat down with us as an offering, knowing that hearing their story can help even just a few people. When you open yourself to the world, you can truly meet others and hear what will help them.