Tier Benefits
Images for Your Print or Digital Pleasure
$1 or more per piece or post 5 patrons
Two stock photos delivered monthly. 8x10 to 16x20.
Open license, use as you like. Range of subjects include:
  • Plants and Animals
  • Urban Landscape
  • Nature and Insects
  • Sunrise/Sunset
  • Abstract and Texture
Now it's Getting Tangible
$5 or more per piece or post 2 of 100 patrons
Artist trading cards delivered monthly by genuine mail.
This 2.5"x3.5" work of art features an original image on the front. On the back: a small bit of prose, poem, or haiku. Handmade makes each one unique. Collect 'em, trade 'em, or give them as gifts.

Plus Stock Photos
Pledge $8 or more per piece or post
3 of 11 patrons
Mystery Spot - Wandering V Style
When I was a kid, Mystery Spots were everywhere. Sometimes they were awesome, sometimes a little odd, sometimes just a place to stretch and get an ice cream cone while looking at optical illusions and flea-bitten stuffed animals. No matter what, I always came away with a trinket and something to think about. This reward might not be all that different.

Four times a year (Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec), I'll send a box of mystery trinkets to you.

Any two or more of these items:
  • Post card(s) from a place just like that spot you drove by and wished you'd checked out
  • Oddity or vintage schnibble found in that quiet little spot just off the beaten path
  • Small mixed media art piece
  • 3-pak of handmade cards, blank inside, with envelopes
  • Stones or seeds of odd shapes.
  • ??

Plus Stock Photos

(Continental US shipping included, international mailings might require a few additional dollars, we can work that out on an individual basis.)
Folk Art: CSA Style
$45 or more per piece or post 0 of 13 patrons
For adventurous collectors who like their art free range. After 3 months of support, you'll begin receiving a seasonal package containing 1 or 2  unique works of art like this:
  • Original illustration or hand colored print
  • Wall hanging of fabric or mixed media
  • Window trinket; usually beads or glass suspended from other media
  • Hand decorated wearables; shirts, hats, etc.
  • Small, mixed media sculpture

Bonus: any pieces created from re-purposed, gifted, or found materials will have their origin story included. 

 Plus Artist Trading Cards & Stock Photos

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