For My Queer Brothers and Sisters in Orlando

We're just queer folk.

We're not hurting anyone.

Just trying to live our lives,

as true to ourselves as we can be.

We don't have any agenda, like you claim.

We adopt the children you don't want.

We get up in the mornings,

take showers,

get dressed,

eat breakfast, and

go to work.

We're not that different.

Maybe more compassionate,

but you have to be when the

entire world seems to want you dead.

We're just queer folk.

We want to be loved.

We want to give love back.

We're not dangerous, like you claim.

We're not scary monsters.

We're really not that different.

But for some reason we don't get,

you are all trying to kill us.

One of you succeeded,

but you didn't break us.

We are still here, living our lives,

trying to be as true to ourselves as we can be.