For new subscribers
 1. The basic subscription tier is $30.00 with the shipping and handling charge of $7.00 added on for a total of $37.00 per month. This entitles you to 2 two-ounce bottles of whatever two candle-dressing formulas we bring out that month. If you are a patron with an active pledge made and paid, these two once ounce bottles will ship on the 25th of each month, arriving in your mailbox three to five days later in most instances. The normal retail price of dressing oils is $25.00 for two ounces, $15.00 per ounce and $10.00 per half ounce, so on two bottles of oil you are saving $20.00 off the retail price. Additional oils are full retail price and can be ordered at any time. Shipping is USPS first class flat rate, and will be billed to the customer’s account.

2. The next subscription tier is $50.00 plus a $7.00 charge to cover shipping and handling. This tier provides you with one (1) two ounce bottle of both premiere formulas compounded for that month, and two one-ounce bottles of any formula in our back-stock from previous months. Also, you get that month’s dry-herb bath, enough to complete a full treatment on one person.

3. The final subscription tier: $100.00 per month, plus a $7.00 charge to cover shipping and handling. This tier provides you with all the benefits of the $50.00 subscription tier HOWEVER you get access to our video-only class: "Sunday's Sorcerers Soiree." Ín these prerecorded videos, I'll be teaching you unique, innovative ways to use our formulas, how to lay tricks and cast spells, and magickal herbal education. Subject matter will have something to do with that month's products, and more importantly, classes will be practical and fun!

Other benefits of subscription membership: 

Any product is orderable at any time; however, subscription members are dicounted $5.00 on every product ordered costing $10.00 or more. If an item lists at less than $10.00, no discount is offered.

Additional oils may be ordered at $5.00 off the full retail price in two (2), one (1), or one half (1/2) ounce.

Additional bags of dry herbal baths may be ordered with the same $5.00 discount if you are at the $50.00 tier.

Please note that with our products, we do not give out family recipes and we cannot guarantee that anything will be hypoallergenic. Instead of asking for my formulations under the guise of possible allergic reactions, if you do have allergies to natural, organically produced herbal products, please look for the makers of hypoallergenic supplies. We can neither give out Ochani’s unique formulas nor can we provide you with his secret, family formulations. This means we cannot guarantee against allergic reactions. If you have allergies, you must assume all risk for using these in your magickal work. 

And now, if you are ready to become a subscription member, please pledge for the appropriate tier. You card will be charged immediately, and the appropriate order will go out to you in the USPS on the 25th of each month.