The comic series “Plushie” shall be posted here every week on Saturdays for the $2+ pledgers to view. There shall be 1 giant/tiny illustration, 1 giantess/tiny illustration, 1 macro/micro male predator illustration, 1macro/micro female predator illustration, a page of “Plushie” every Saturday and first look into progress of publication work for $2+ pledgers each month.

For the $4+ pledgers, you are able to get all of what the $2+ pledgers get, of course, and more! 4+ pledgers get the chance to be 1 of the 10 requesters to get an illustrated piece of artwork that will get posted on Deviant Art and/or on FurAffinity. Also, $4+ pledgers get to vote what kind of tutorial video he/she would like to be made that will show the process of making SOMETHING in art. An example of “something” would be how to draw internal shots, hair, eyes, extreme perspective poses, and the list goes on. Things that you think like that I do that I oughta share with other artists. It could even be concepts and setting up comics idea wise. Owo


This means that throughout next year, everyone that pledges on Patreon gets to see 53 pages to the comic series “Plushie”!


53 comic pages in one year! Owo



If I get more than 50 subscribers, I shall also work on the 18-20 page comic of “Black Cat’s Tiny Mischief” featuring Marvel’s Black Cat and Spiderman…and even some villains. >w>

I want the experience on Patreon to be cheap and enjoyable! :D

Tell friends and family that might enjoy such comics or art to come on over so that you can get more out of this. Honestly, it’s the main reason I made it so cheap. I know how frustrating it is that a lot of Patreon artists are expensive but $2 to $4 a month is an easy price that allows me to pay off loans and to help my family in any little bit as possible as well as being fair to you guys. This is my way of thanking y’all for helping me out during these first months. To give y’all more of a story to entertain you guys that is filled with fantasy, adventure, comedy, drama and all that wonderful stuff in “Plushie”. I’ve been working on the script and I want you guys to have something to enjoy.