For The People
I guess you could consider me a member of the middle class, possibly lower middle class. So often, I have found myself the victim of economic injustice and inequality, getting pushed and shoved around by corporate and governmental organizations and their so called 'rules and regulations'. I found that I had very little voice unless I chose to push and shove back. After shoving back more than a few times and doing my due diligence and research so that I could understand my rights, I began getting results and realized that what I actually wanted was to become a voice for the people. To stand up for the lower middle class and the poor who have very little voice. And so I've decided to begin investing full time hours into working for the people in whatever way happens to manifest itself. My skills are mostly in entertainment (mostly music - I perform and create in the children's entertainment group, Gogo Bonkers). I also have plenty of behind the scenes production experience in both live events as well as film and television production. No more corporate commercials. But I will do public service announcements. No more corporate events but I will help coordinate community events. I'm a songwriter and have my own home studio so will commit myself to recording a minimum of one new song per month as well as donating my recording studio to the community I live in. I will release one new video per week to document my work, so as to provide disclosure in my activities. No more fear. Leap of faith. Here we go.