For the Record...
The worse part about writing anything is the spell checking.
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Supporter's Circle- A dollar means so much! Your support helps me stay motivated to meet my writing goals. I will keep all my supporters informed as I write about larp design, report on larps I've run and whether they were successful or not, and, of course, write new larps!
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Hangout Club -  Every time I release a new larp I will host a Google Hangout to discuss the game, why it is exciting to run and play, and the tips and tricks of organizing a run. By backing at this level or higher you will get access to this members-only feature.
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Pre-Release- Before I release a new game I run it and revise it based on the feedback I receive from players. The first draft version is never seen by anyone except these players - and you. I will distribute the unrevised version of my games to all backers at this level or higher.
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Dedication - I am very pleased to acknowledge anyone who wants to go above and beyond to support my writing. Once per year I will dedicate a game you personally or anyone you choose.
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