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Kickstarter Korner for Nov. 2017, Week 1

D&D Flavour Shot: Druid Portals

Marvelous Phile: Darkness in Marvel Super Heroes RPG

Quick and Dirty Writing Tricks for NaNoWriMo

Hyperlanes Classes: Sci-Fi for D&D

Speak With Dead #16: Monsters in the House

YouTube Channel

Xanathar's Guide to Everything Nerdarchy Flip Through and First LOOK!

Just The Crew Talking D&D| Nerdarchy Live Chat #146

Nerdarchy's Guide to Multi-Classing in 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons

Episode 9 Comic Book University Takes Over!- Nerdarchy Network

Your DnD Character is Smarter Than You What Do YOU DO!| D&D Player Tips

Save or Dice Game Online D&D Entertainment- Nerdarchy Live Chat #147

D&D Adventurers Just Wanna Murder Hobo EVERYTHING!- GM 911Wanna Murdrhobo EVERYTHING!- GM 911

Intro Into D&D Campaigns| How to Play Dungeons and Dragons

The Last Unicorn RPG, Lone Wolf, Starfinder, Talking RPGs with BJ Hensly- Nerdarchy Live Chat #148

RPG Crate Vs Dungeon Crate October Unboxing

OP or Does YouR GM Need to Step Up His Game- D&D Discussions

Talking D&D with unMade Gaming- Nerdarchy Live Chat #149

From Heroes to Villains DM's Players Wanna Join the BBEG's Team- GM 911

NEW 5E D&D Feat Options Highlights from Critical Role Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting

Character Commissions for D&D and other Tabletop RPGs- Nerdarchy Live Chat #150

3 WAYS to Expand your Wizard DnD Spells with Healing Hit Die| NEW Ways to Use Recovery Dice in D&D

Bandit Captain Monster Token from 5E D&D Monster Manual- Nerdarchy Network

Game Plays
Ep 2 pt 2 Questions Answered Hold of the Moridanes P2P D&D 5E Gameplay

(S2/E5) Marvel Super Heroes Role-Playing Game Live Play

(Session 33) Scarlet Sisterhood of Steel & Sorcery Live 5e D&D Game Play

Save or Dice

Save or Dice: Glory | Episode 1 - Undead Men Walking | Web DM, Nerdarchy, Taking20, EncounterRP