For Writers: Beating Impostor Syndrome

I'm making this, the first video for the writers tier, available to anyone who comes here so that folks can have some idea of the personalized nature of the replies and the instruction.  All subsequent videos will be strictly available only at the appropriate tiers.

Next video will be about how to create really good bad guys/antagonists in fiction and scripts, and from there more topics will be taken directly from requests from members of the writers tier.  So if you're here for the first time, the difference between this and programs like Masterclass is that the videos and lessons are personalized rather than generic.  Folks here create their own learning curve and we address directly what they need to learn in order to get further along the curve of becoming writers.

Some final observations: 1) I've never been camera ready so forgive any nervousness, 2) I've been in social isolation since March 10th so I definitely need a haircut, hence the hat and the length in back, and 3) My voice is a big thin/hoarse because I've been drinking far too much coffee to get work done.   

Let me know your thoughts.

Keywords: instruction video writing writers lesson 

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