For your issues: bug me
If Patreon or any other site decides to do weird stuff like block you out of a video of glitch on a post etc, TELL ME!

So SooperJoose (great guy) was blocked from my tumblr, missed a few live streams, etc. There was no good reason for it. So I'm happy he found me here.

So unless you are one of those who donated the bare minumum and expected me to spend all day chatting and sending hot steamy pick (I have the info still) you don't deserve to have a hard time. You deserve better from patreon, other sites, and me if I can help it.

I appreciated even friends of friends helping each other out here(during a live stream) it was fantastic to see. I had to restart a stream and the new private show needed to be shared accordingly, setsune helped was just omg so good.

Even though patreon is now getting in deep with it's bad moves, I have things to do and show. 

Now with more box kicking: calendars for 2018. See next post!

Bug me to fix these issues, and the world lives  XD