For your last minute Holidaysthings needs!
 Dear everyone,

I have some help for your last minute holiday shopping! Read my year-end roundups on Bogi Reads the World:

* Best SFF novels of 2016

* Best SFF novellas of 2016 :)

Best SFF comics is probably next, but I'm still working on it. A lot of effort goes into these throughout the year, and then I also need to put them together and worry what I missed!


For even more shoppingthings, I also have a new feature over on Twitter: #BogiDeals (hashtag idea by @ULTRAGOTHA - thank you :) ). It features cool things I liked when they go on sale. Amazon links are affiliate links, the rest are probably not. I aim to keep on doing this throughout the year, but now is a good time to get deals because of the holidays.

The first thread started here and from then on it morphed into a hashtag too.

A bit of a teaser, and for the rest you can head over to Twitter:

Right now the best deals are probably Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee  and Signal to Noise by Silvia Moreno-Garcia, both for $0.99 each on the Kindle. And if you are interested in a print object, the Mothership afrofuturist anthology is about half off, also on Amazon.

Further, queer indie erotica publisher Go Deeper Press is doing a birthday sale of 50% off everything in their webstore today, I recommend Xan West's collection that I liked a lot even though I seldom read erotica - it had a lot of trans and/or disabled characters, too.

Enjoy the year-end bonanza,