For the YouTube'rs

I know some of you Youtube'rs out there upload videos for fun, I get that because I also do it for the fun of it, but let's be honest here, hoe doesn't want to have a lot of people watching it afterwards?

And maybe even possibly make some $money$ out if it?

Of Course money should never be the reason why artists should make art.

I also know that; video editing software, cameras, light a PC don't just fall out of the sky, and that someone has to finance those things.

That's why I'm offering  you all my experience, some of you might already know I have been doing AMV's sins 2009 on YouTube.

So here is my top 5 YouTube'rs you should subscribe to if you want to grow your channel

Derral Eves (

Tim Schmoyer (

Roberto Blake (

Think Media (

Brian G Johnson (

And here is a nice playlist of the best, tip's, tricks, strategies and insider information to help you grow your channel.