Foral macro "tulips"
 For me an iconic image.As an apprentis to master Janice Sullivan ( in the Google+ community "the Arcanum" this image represents the moment that I refound joie in living after years off being down and afraid to leave my home due to very dirty and sever harassements for 10yrs long on my workplace where I was a always more than average good emploier in the function off ICT manager until a politican decided that I and several other civil servants had to go without they paying a dim.  So at the age off 55yrs I was found unable to keep on working and they got what they aimed for. Even then they accussed me off having made deadthreats etc - all without any specifics - and punished me with a fine off 6500 euros, a  verdict that was overthrown in appeal on 20dec2013 but today - 48months after that verdict - still awaits in belgian high court called Raad van State while the average time for such a procedure there is 11 months.  I am ashamed to this happening in Belgium proving that rule of law here is in fact as good as in countries where EU and USA stribe for democracie and good juridical system.  What is the differenc between what is done to me and is still ongoing and e.g. the islamic state ?  I do not have an answer.  And I have no money to fight bach, they draw from public founds taxpaiers money, nor to do the creating I so long for.