First, I need to apologize for the size of the file. These are what I  have been working on recently, but since I don't have that much free  time at the moment (In December, does anyone?) I decided to upload the  characters all at once.

These  are the "Bad Guys" in my Alpha II Omega manga. I wanted them to be  different in appearance, while fitting into known tropes. The  smooth-talking, suavely dressed man, the shy but immensely powerful,  beautiful woman (see the cuffs on her wrists?), the adorable,  mischievous, little girl, and the no-nonsense, grizzled general. I think  I pulled these off well enough.

What I had the most trouble with  was keeping them all within a red theme in colour with a good amount of  difference in shade. Why red? I honestly don't remember. It was the  colour palette I chose back when I first drew these in 02-03, and I  wanted to stick to it. Not to mention, them all being the same colour,  makes it obvious they're a team.

I think that pretty much sums it  up. I am working on The All Encompassing Evil, but with my limited  amount of free time, I'll most likely have this posted maybe in January.

As always, thanks for looking!