Forest fires in Homs, Lattakia and Tartous decimate Syrian environment

While everyone is focused on the dramatic events in north-eastern Syria, other areas of Syria are burning. Forest fires in Homs, Lattakia and Tartous are raging across much of the farmland and vast olive and fruit tree groves. This is a disaster for the smallholders who rely upon the yield from these trees for survival and warmth in the soon-to-be-here winter. 

These fires are being fought and extinguished by the SYRIAN Civil Defence, the REAL one, the Syrian Civil Defence and Fire Brigades that were established in 1953. These brigades have been the quiet heroes in this 8 year proxy war waged against the Syrian people by the western imperialist alliance. They have been murdered by incoming terrorist groups and their White Helmet cohorts. They have been displaced, made homeless, their children have been kidnapped and held as hostages to force them to join the armed groups - many refused, at great cost to themselves and their families. They have served the Syrian people faithfully and steadfastly through everything, with no recognition from the West, blinded by the PR for the White Helmeted Oscar winners, Empire's divas on the "humanitarian" stage. 

Now it is time to pay homage to these heroes, these selfless heroes, they have saved every inch of Syria alongside the Syrian Arab Army. They stand between life and death when these environmental disasters strike this already battered land. 

From a Syrian, Wissam Sliman, who was told that an entire forest around his village, in Tartous countryside, had been destroyed in the fires: 

"One of the worst and most saddening "side effects" of the terrorists war on Syria is mistreatment of mother nature, intentionally or unintentionally, which resulted huge losses in Syria's green dress...a tree lost is a step towards a dark future for us all, and soon we will regret the loss of each and every single leaf. If you don't know, you should know!
Syria's REAL Syria Civil Defence branch in Tartous  has done amazing work extinguishing tens of fires in Tartous beautiful countryside today as I have heard, all that with their limited budgets and equipment thanks to "humanitarian" sanctions aimed to "help" the Syrian people. 
Syria's REAL Syria Civil Defence did it without cameras, because all they care about is to do the REAL humanitarian work they have volunteered to do, to save people and nature, not like the terrorists of the White Helmets who were forced on us through Hollywood, and who I know would slaughter me for dinner just because they don't consider me a human..
Ironic huh?

The White Helmets - a "Humanitarian group" which doesn't have a shred of humanity..

There were also fires in Homs and Lattakia. 
Syria's REAL Syria Civil Defence has done wonderful job today, yet Al Qaeda brainwashers still promote the criminal WhiteHelmets instead of the real heros who do the real humanitarian work."

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